Monday, July 5, 2010

Techology Update

SONY presents laptop batteries on fruit juice

Imagine the nearest future. Your laptop battery has run down again. That’s tough! But instead of looking for an AC adapter and outlet you …. open your fridge. No, you haven’t gone mad. The thing is your batteries now work on fruit juice.

Recently the Japanese newspaper Nikkei informed that SONY had presented such a tiny electric battery at the scientific congress in the USA. The new ‘biobattery’ of 5×10 inches in size and 10 milliwatt in power can be used in mobile phones, laptops and players. The charger for such a battery is filled with fruit juice as ‘petrol’. Which fruit juice should be used is not clear yet. 8 mL of juice is enough for approximately one hour.
The work on this unusual source of power have been going on in secret by the specialists from SONY for several years. In 2007 the present prototype model of 1.5 milliwatt power was developed; in 2009 — of 5 milliwatt power. Now the company considers its innovation worth presenting to mass consumers.

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